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What is Sorority?

Written by Arleen Weiss (Nu Chapter at The University of Pennsylvania), original article from the 1957 issue of The SPHINX magazine

S - stands for the sisters to whom we are bound in fraternal sincerity, it stands for the striving to achieve our aims of high scholarship and generous fellowship. 

 - stands for organization - our purpose of working together as a close-knit
group, and through our interaction to attain our goals, and our ambitions. 

R - stands for the respect we strive to have for others, not only for other fraternal organizations, but for less fortune fellowmen. 

O - stands for the opportunity of meeting people with 
similar interests, learning how to get along with them and offering whatever we can of ourselves. 

 - stands for responsibility - for the rights of others to 
learn to respect and the realization that we have to live up to the expectations of our sisters. 

I -  stands for the interest we learn to cultivate - the 
ideals on which we were founded, and which are our heritage to uphold and pass down. 

 - stands for the time we have devoted and shall 
devote to our organization. 

Y - stands for the years of pleasant memories we will 
have of making ourselves into the women that others may hold as a shining example, and proudly point to as Phi Sigs!

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